Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO Map Update Explained

Courtesy of Niantic

For the first time in three years, new updates are coming to the map in Pokémon GO. In an announcement on Oct. 20, Niantic revealed that trainers should be anticipating changes to be made in the next few weeks. Here’s everything you should expect for the revamp of Pokémon GO’s map. 

Pokémon GO Map Update Explained

Pokémon GO is making a transition to having its map more accurately reflect the environment. This will come with a Global Map refresh. Having been last updated in 2019, currently, the map is outdated. This refresh will make the map a more accurate representation of the real world. This will include local changes to the area such as the removal of old roads or the addition of newly constructed buildings. With new buildings coming to the game, trainers should start looking out for new Pokestops!

In addition to the terrain updates, Pokémon GO is increasing the area in which Pokémon can appear in! As so now, there are locations in a city where Pokémon are densly located and places in less urban areas where Pokémon do not spawn at all. This new upate will give a more balanced distribution of Pokémon based in cities as well as increasing the spawns in rural areas.