Pokemon GO Quick Catch Explained

Photo courtesy of Niantic Labs

The Quick Catch in Pokemon GO is a method of catching Pokemon devised by players that can greatly lower the time you spend on each catch.

Catching Pokemon is always an exciting experience, especially when you're waiting nervously for the ball to shake...and shake again...and again, before the Pokemon is caught. The problem? Waiting for this animation takes way too long. Catching one Pokemon might take you 18 seconds, which can add up to quite a bit of waiting.

That's why players found the Quick Catch method, which exploits a bug in the game that allows you to exit the Pokemon catch screen much faster. Here's how to do it.

Pokemon GO Quick Catch Explained

To perform a Quick Catch, you'll need two hands - or two fingers on one hand.

Once you're in the Pokemon catch screen, with one hand, press and hold the berry icon that opens the berry menu. Slide it slightly toward the center of the screen; you should see the berry icon enlarge a bit and move with your finger. Don't let go of the icon yet.

Next, use your other hand to control your Poke Ball and throw it at the Pokemon. Once the ball hits, slide the finger that's holding down the berry icon to the center of the screen and release it. The berry menu should pop up. Click outside the berry menu to collapse it; then, click the "run" icon in the top left of the screen.

After running from the Pokemon, open your Pokemon storage and check if you caught the Pokemon. If it's there, great! If it isn't, click on the Pokemon on the map and try again.

The Quick Catch method essentially exploits a bug that keeps the "run" icon on the screen, allowing players to exit the catch screen early and skip the catch animation. The catch will still proceed as normal. By using this method, you can cut your catch time by over half.

Try it out for yourself, and you'll see the time you can save. It's a handy trick to use during Community Days or Spotlight Hours, when there are simply so many Pokemon to catch.