Pokemon GO Shiny Giratina: How to Catch

Pokemon GO Shiny Giratina will be available to catch in five star raids. Here's how to get your hands on a Shiny Renegade Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Shiny Giratina: How to Catch

Giratina Altered Form will be available to catch in five star raids from Sept. 23 until Oct. 17. In addition, there will be a chance to encounter a Shiny Giratina. For event raids, you should encounter a Shiny Pokemon every 20 fights. You just have to keep at it until you encounter a Shiny.

Shiny Giratina will have all colors reversed. The normal one has a silver body, gold bones and red accents. The Shiny variant has a gold body, silver bones and blue accents. As usual, there will be a sparkle to indicate that it's Shiny when you encounter it.

Normal - Shiny
Normal - Shiny /

Giratina is also among the strongest Pokemon in the game, as it features strong Defense and Stamina. This enables it to become a choice counter against other Raid Bosses. It's also a powerhouse in competitive play.

To defeat Giratina in its raid, you should use strong Ice or Dark type Pokemon. You could use Dragon or Ghost types (like Giratina itself), but that double edged sword might make it difficult as both of those types are weak to themselves. Tyranitar and Weavile are the ideal dual types to take care of Giratina.

Photo courtesy of Niantic.