Pokemon GO Slowbro vs. Slowking: Which is Better?

Image provided by Niantic.
Image provided by Niantic. /

Slowbro and Slowking serve as different evolutions to Slowpoke, introduced in Red/Blue and Gold/Silver respectively. In this comparison, the Kantonian versions of Slowbro and Slowking will be put up against one another, so the Galarian forms will not be taken into account.

So which evolution is better? Here are the comparisons:

Pokemon GO Slowbro vs. Slowking: Which is Better?

Difficulty to Obtain

Candies are a component to both of their evolution pathways, though Slowbro is much easier to obtain than Slowking. In Pokemon GO, Slowbro is attained when a Slowpoke is simply fed 50 candies, whereas Slowking is attained when a Slowpoke is fed 50 candies in addition to the use of a King’s Rock. Candies can be easily acquired, while a King’s Rock is a little more tricky to come across.

Mega Evolution

One major advantage Slowbro has over Slowking is the fact that it can Mega Evolve. Introduced in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Mega Slowbro can be obtained in Pokemon GO by using 200 Mega Energy to a Kantonian Slowbro. As of now, there is no official media that introduces a Mega Slowking, leaving this king in the dust.


Slowbro and Slowking share the same stats and the same max CP of 2,877. Both share the same Attack stat of 177, the same Defense stat of 180, and the same Speed stat of 216. Seems these two evolutions are the same in this aspect.

Optimal Moveset

Both Pokemon also possess the same optimal movesets for both Attack and Defense play. For both monsters in both playstyles, Confusion is the best quick move while Psychic is the best charged move. The two Pokemon are also evenly matched in this avenue.

In the end, it seems like Slowbro is the best choice for Trainers looking to have a powerful Pokemon. While the two appear to be carbon copies of one another, Slowbro’s potential to Mega Evolve and its easy method of attainment trumps any viability Slowking may have. Perhaps Slowking could Mega Evolve in the future, but as things stand now, Slowbro is the real King.

Both Pokemon are now available to obtain in Pokemon GO, along with their Galarian forms.