Pokémon Sleep Friendship Level Explained

Snorlax and his friends relax in Pokémon Sleep
Snorlax and his friends relax in Pokémon Sleep / Nintendo

iOS and Android users can track their slumber in a new way with Pokémon Sleep. The Pokémon Company's app makes getting a good night's rest entertaining. Help Professor Neroli discover different sleep patterns by catering to Snorlax, studying sleep reports, and more.

Players may also befriend Pokémon so that they can help with research. Here's what you need to know about friendship levels in Pokémon Sleep.

Pokémon Sleep Friendship Level Explained

Pichu dropping berries
Pichu dropping berries / Nintendo

The main point of befriending Pokémon is to gain research assistants. 

Your relationship with a Pokémon depends on how much food you give them. After a sleep session, many Pokémon will hang out around Snorlax. You can feed them once you've gathered all the information about their sleep styles. This small period is called Snack Time. 

When you feed a Pokémon, the friendship level between you two rises. The pink number and bars above the Pokémon's head indicate the friendship level and how far you are from reaching the next level. Each bar also represents one friendship point.

You fully befriend Pokémon once their friendship points are maxed out. They also become your research helper. This is ideal because the Pokémon will find berries and ingredients for you to make recipes.

You can feed Pokémon with biscuits. Let's go over the different types of treats in Pokémon Sleep.

Biscuit Types

Master Biscuit
Master Biscuit / Nintendo

There are five types of biscuits. Each one yields a certain amount of friendship points. 

  • Bonus Biscuit:  This biscuit gives three friendship points.
  • Great Biscuit:  This biscuit gives three friendship points. 
  • Master Biscuit: This biscuit maxes out friendship points. 
  • Poké Biscuit: This biscuit gives one friendship point.

Premium Bonus Biscuit: This biscuit gives four friendship points (only for Premium Pass Holders.)

If you feed a biscuit to a hungry Pokémon, you'll get three times as many friendship points as usual. For example, feeding a Poké Biscuit to a hungry Pichu will result in three friendship points instead of one.

Pokémon Sleep just released gifts for players on August 13th. You can get free Poké Biscuits, Hard Candy S, Growth Incense, and Focus Incense by tapping the gift box icon in the upper right corner of the main menu. Only players who register before 4:00 a.m. UTC on September 2nd will receive the gifts. The gifts will expire 90 days from August 14th.

It's easy to run out of biscuits in Pokémon Sleep. Remember that you'll receive one biscuit per day at no cost. You can also get Poké Biscuits via the General Store and Sleep Point Exchange.