Pokémon Unite Patch Breakdown

Gardevoir is now available to play in Pokémon Unite
Gardevoir is now available to play in Pokémon Unite / Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, and TiMi Studios

Pokémon Unite Patch has touched down on live servers, bringing Gardevoir's debut, some shop updates, bug fixes, and a tweak on how Charizard would interact with Muscle Band.

Pokémon Unite Patch Breakdown

The only big piece of news this patch is the release of Gardevoir, a ranged special attacker who's not the most mobile, but has a nice bit of CC and damage to pack a punch. Gardevoir can be purchased from the shop for 8000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aoes Gems.

Gardevoir's Kit

Passive Ability - Synchronize

Synchronize works similar to how it does in the mainline games. When an opponent inflicts either decreased movement speed or a damage-over-time condition on the Pokémon, the same is inflicted on that opponent.

Basic Attack

Every third attack, Gardevoir does a boosted attack that deals a small AoE, as well as decreasing the Sp. Df of any enemy hit by the third auto attack.

Special 1

  • Confusion: Simple, straight-line attack that can upgrade into Psychic or Moonblast at level eight.
  • Psychic: After this move hits an opposing Pokémon or travels its max distance, Psychic creates a circle that deals damage to opposing Pokémon in that AoE, also decreasing their movement speed.
  • Moonblast: Definitely the more powerful option between this or Psychic. Moonblast pushes you back a short distance when cast. When Moonblast hits, it deals damage to opposing Pokémon in a cone, leaving the closest opposing Pokémon stunned for a short time.

Special 2

  • Teleport: The user warps to the designated area, increasing the damage dealt by one basic attack after warping. Can be upgraded to Psyshock or Future Sight at level six.
  • Psyshock: Attacks a designated location three times. Each time a tick of Psyshock is hit on an opposing Pokémon, the move's cooldown is reduced.
  • Future Sight: Set a delayed explosion at designated location. When the explosion hits an opposing Pokémon, it shortens the move's cooldown.

UNITE Move / Ultimate

  • Fairy Singularity: Warps space in the designated area, drawing in opposing Pokémon. Shoves and deals damage to opposing Pokémon the instant the warped space disappears.

Gardevoir's build guide can be important to check out now that you know the Pokémon's kit.

Charizard Bug Fix

Charizard's interaction with Muscle Band was fixed in a bug, but came out to be a nerf for our fiery friend. Charizard is a melee attacker who would benefit greatly from Muscle Band, but the item no longer applies to every auto-attack as it once did.

Instead, Muscle Band now applies the buff to every other auto-attack, greatly decreasing the DPS Charizard could output.