Pokimane is Leaving Twitch

One of Twitch's most prominent streamers is leaving.
One of Twitch's most prominent streamers is leaving. / Pokimane YouTube Channel

After ten years, Twitch streamer Iman Anys (aka Pokimane) decides to quit the platform. She is best known for video game streaming, with League of Legends and Fortnite being her most played games. The internet personality has become one of the most-followed Twitch streamers, earning over 9 million followers. Pokimane was an icon on Twitch for so long, and many people may wonder why she'd want to leave the platform.

Pokimane is Leaving Twitch

Pokimane announced her departure from Twitch on Jan. 30, 2024. She labeled the move "the end of an era" and stated, "it's time to say thank you for all the memories and love during my League, Fortnite, & Among [U]s days."

In September 2022, Pokimane uploaded a video about her Twitch struggles after taking a break. Pokimane admitted she neglected self-care due to her streaming schedule. She also mentioned burnout and how exhausting it is to be attached to a screen for hours. The streamer described Twitch as "creatively unfulfilling" and reduced her upload schedule in 2022, so it's no wonder she's quitting the platform.

Pokimane hasn't mentioned what she'll be doing next. She seems to have her hands full already. The streamer has multiple YouTube channels dedicated to gaming, reactions, vlogs, and Q&A videos. On top of that, Pokimane owns a cookie company and also has a podcast.

Pokimane isn't the first prominent streamer who's decided to take a step back from a platform.
Matthew Robert Patrick (aka MatPat), host of Game Theory, recently announced he'll stop hosting starting March 9. The YouTuber isn't retiring, but he'll work behind the scenes on videos while others host the theory channels.