Prime Gaming Deals: June 2022

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

People love free things, and gamers especially love free games. Prime Gaming knows this, which is why every month they offer a selection of free games for subscribers to enjoy. Today, we'll run you through all the games currently available for free through Prime Gaming in June.

Prime Gaming Deals: June 2022

1. Far Cry 4

Photo courtesy of Ubisoft.

Successor to the critically acclaimed Far Cry 3, while Far Cry 4 has received some criticisms of being too similar, its still a solid first-person shooter in an interesting open-world environment. It also has co-op, so you and your friends can enjoy the game together if playing it alone doesn't satisfy you.

2. Escape From Monkey Island

Photo courtesy of LucasArts.

The fourth installment in the Monkey Island series, Escape From Monkey Island is a classic adventure game that was first released back in 2000. While jumping into the series at its fourth game may be a bit jarring for some, others may find themselves charmed by the game's dialogue and puzzle-solving.

3. Astrologaster

Photo courtesy of Nyamyam.

In Astrologaster, you'll help a man by the name of Simon Forman prove his doubters wrong as he tries to earn a legitimate medical license. The way you help your clients? By reading the stars, of course. This is a humorous game where your decisions, serious or silly, will have an effect on the plot and give you multiple reasons to replay and see what other shenanigans you can cause. (Do you have Xbox Game Pass? See what games are leaving in June here.)

4. Calico

Photo courtesy of Peachy Keen Games.

Short, simple, and sweet; these are the words that perfectly describe Calico. A laid-back community simulator where the player is tasked with rebuilding the local cat cafe, this game will appeal to anyone who wants to indulge in a world filled with cute animals and pastel colors.

5. WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship

Photo courtesy of KT Racing.

Fans of racing games are likely to find themselves enjoying WRC 8 FIFA World Rally Championship. Considered a solid racing game, and voted one of the best of racing games by, players can expect a variety of teams and stages to try out within this racing game.

6. Across the Grooves

Photo courtesy of Nova-box.

Across the Grooves is an interactive graphic novel where you will follow Alice, a woman living a simple life in Bordeaux, as her life suddenly changes after playing a vinyl record. In a magical and music-filled story, every decision you make will have an effect on how the game continues, offering countless replays to see how Alice's life can play out differently.