PUBG Console Ranked Mode to Go Live in Update 7.2

PUBG Patch 7.2 is out now on console.
PUBG Patch 7.2 is out now on console. / Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp

PUBG Update 7.2 is live on the Console public test server as of Tuesday morning and will be pushed to live servers next week.

Several changes have arrived with PUBG Patch 7.2 such as the addition of Ranked mode, weapons and armor balance and world changes. Fans can be excited with the changes as it is providing PUBG a new perspective of its competitive side with an updated and slight change in weapons and armor.

Here are the updates to the newly added Ranked mode:

PUBG Console Ranked Mode

Ranked mode is a new addition to the PUBG Public Test Servers and replaced Survival mode. It will give players a bigger opportunity to test their skills against other players in a setting where there are no bots. That's right, no bots!

Match Settings

The chosen playing map will be randomized of the three options, Erangel, Miramer and Sanhok, and will have preset game settings such as no Crossbow spawns, increase in loot spawns, no red zone and motor glider, and a faster Blue Zone.

Ranked mode is influenced by the professional eSports competition and each match will have 64 players instead of the 100. Players will have the option of TPP or FPP for solo, duo or trio squad options but they must first qualify for this mode.

Qualifying for Ranked

To qualify for ranked, players must achieve a level 20 in Survival Mastery if they are to play in Ranked mode. In addition, players in a squad of two or three must be at similar ranks, maximum 10 ranks, in order for them to be in queue for match-making.

Players will be placed into any of these six tiers based on their RP.
Players will be placed into any of these six tiers based on their RP. / Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp

Ranking and Tiers

Players will be placed after playing five games into ranks. There are six tiers in total with five divisions in each. From lowest to highest: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master. During the placement and after, players will be ranked based on their performance such as kills, assists and personal placement in the match and will be given Ranked Points (RP). For Diamond or higher players, their RP will decay if there are inactive for seven days or more.


At the end of the season, players will received rewards based on their highest tier and division achieved. For Gold or higher tiered players, they will also receive a set of skins as their Ranked rewards.


Leaderboards will show the Top 500 in the region the player has played the most in, sorted by the amount of RP a player has achieved. For those who do hit Top 500, their region will be locked on their first entry into the leaderboards. There will also be an extra reward for those who end the season in the Top 500 on the leaderboards.