PUBG Corp Drops a Lore Video Titled 'The Sanhok Tapes'

PUBG PC Patch 8.1 will have a remastered Sanhok map and with it comes a mysterious lore.
PUBG PC Patch 8.1 will have a remastered Sanhok map and with it comes a mysterious lore. / Photo Courtesy of PUBG Corporation

PUBG Corporation has dropped a seven-minute clip titled "The Sanhok TapesㅣPUBG Lore Drop." The release of the clip comes in preparation for the release of PUBG PC Patch 8.1 which will introduce a fully remastered Sanhok map.

The clip may seem confusing at first, but the dark yet intriguing introduction to Sanhok's lore adds a new twist to the popular battle royale game. Here's a breakdown of "The Sanhok Tapes."

"The Sanhok TapesㅣPUBG Lore Drop"

The clip opens on a scene of a computer screen showing an online call between five people. At first, the conversation seems casual as the bunch goes back and forth about seemingly unrelated things. Martin, who's computer screen the viewer will see throughout the video, flips through a couple of tabs, including what seems to be a screen of security footage. On this screen, one can see "COMBATANTS REMAINING 38" which hints at a match of PUBG taking place.

However, from this point on, is where the short film turns dark. One of the people on the call, Nelson, asks Martin if he knows how much people pay to watch "this," in reference to the match. One can begin to understand that people are watching and betting on the match taking place. It is then established that Nelson, is control of the blue circle that slowly closes in on players during gameplay and is stationed in a secret bunker in Sanhok.

All of a sudden, after seeing some security cameras freeze, the computer loses connection and the group loses track of one of the squads. What unfolds after is a series of panicked conversations as the group tracks the lost squad to the secret bunker. Confidently, Nelson assures the group that no one has ever found the bunker but would soon be proven fatally wrong.

After Nelson is seemingly killed by the rogue squad after they break into the bunker, and one of the members frantically leaves the call, an unknown caller enters. The mystery caller presses the remaining members to clean up the mess and find the "Sanhok four" or everything that they hold dear to them will be taken from them.

Hopefully, we will get to see a continuation of the lore of Sanhok or possibly the lore of other maps. The full version of PUBG PC Patch 8.1 will release on July 22.