PUBG Glitch Has Vehicle Explosion Physics Applied to Player and the Results Are Hilarious

One unfortunate PUBG player got a bird's eye view of the firefight their squad was in. - but not by choice.
One unfortunate PUBG player got a bird's eye view of the firefight their squad was in. - but not by choice. / Photo by Chaz Frazer / DBLTAP

PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS just launched its season 7 in late April, and in general the response has been good, apart from a few outliers such as the controversy of PUBG Corp adding bots to lower skilled players’ games. As is with any update, game or software, there will be bugs and glitches, and this time is no exception.

Usually bugs and glitches are a general cause for concern and viewed with disdain by all players, but this particular bug has been making its way around the internet to hilarious effect. The bug in question sees a car explosion cause a player to be directly affected by the explosion physics - as if the in-game physics of the material that would normally fly through the air after the explosion be applied to the player in the video below.

PUBG Glitch has Player Take Flight

In the video originally posted to Reddit, you can see the squad driving away from gunfire, as whoever was in charge of driving ran directly into a tree (they should be on back seat duty indefinitely), and the car began to smoke. Ducking behind the tree with the vehicle on the other side, the subsequent explosion caused one of the squadmates to be launched ridiculously high into the air - over the canopy of the tree they were standing innocently next to.

It is unknown as of now what caused the glitch, but gamers on Reddit have been sharing similar clips of them experiencing similar bugs or unexpected behaviors as pertains to in-game physics. PUBG Corp has released an update to Season 7 in the form of patch 7.2 on May 13, but it remains to be seen if this patch has any effect on the glitch in question.

For now, Reddit users are documenting their issues, and given the track record of PUBG Corp directly interacting with fans on the platform, should be addressed or at least explained in the coming days.