PUBG Season 6 Survivor Pass: Shakedown Revealed

Amidst the slew of changes coming with the start of Season 6, like the arrival of the Sticky Bomb and Motor Glider, PUBG Corp has unveiled the new Survior Pass: Shakedown that will let players earn rewards while playing PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS.

According to PUBG Corp, the Survior Pass: Shakedown will feature four different sections of missions each with different objectives and rewards: Community Missions, Season Missions, Progression Missions, and Challenge Missions.

PUBG Survivor Pass: Shakedown Community Missions

The Community Missions have all players work together to fill the Community Accomplishment Gauge to earn in-game skins and reveal the hidden origin of the new map Karakin. Players can help fill the gauge by locating cardboard boxes placed around the battleground that contain one of three collectibles.

Each of the three collectibles, old DVDs, broken discs, and disc pieces, provides a different amount of points towards the goal. Old DVDs are worth three points, broken discs are worth two points, and disc pieces are worth one point.

Players will also earn XP porportional to their individual contributions towards completing the Community Missions.

PUBG Survivor Pass: Shakedown Season Missions

Players will have three different tracks of Season Missions to complete with one track being released monthly in January, February, and March. Each of the locked tracks will show the amount of time before the track is unlocked so players can stay up to date with when each track will become available.

While a detailed list of the rewards for the Season Missions have not yet been released, Premium Pass players will have the opportunity to earn level-up items for Season 7. There are two 5 Levels Coupons and five 1 Level Coupons available to earn during Season 6.

PUBG Survivor Pass: Shakedown Progression Missions

There are three different tracks of Progression Missions, all giving players the opportunity to earn substantial amounts of XP. Tracks 1 and 2 will be available for all players and will contain eight missions each that gradually increase in difficultly.

The 10 missions available in Track 3 grow in difficulty as well, but are only available to players with a Premium Pass.

Challenge Missions

These missions are designed to be challenging to experienced players and have to be completed using a particular weapon in the game. The list of weapons used in Challenge Missions includes the Skorpion, Win94, QBZ, AKM, and QBU.