PUBG Special Airdrops: Everything You Need to Know

PUBG special airdrops are usually the flare drops which only appear after players find a flare gun and use it to summon a certain crate or even a vehicle.

The game would periodically send airplanes to drop airdrops randomly around the map, but then the game added flare guns which allow you to control an airdrop.

PUBG Special Airdrops: Everything You Need to Know

Once you obtain a flare gun which are scattered around the map, you want to fire it directly in the air. You'll summon a C-130 to fly overhead. You can get two crate-exclusive weapons amongst other top tier items, such as an AUG A3 and AWM together with a suppressor, or an M249 and M24 with a suppressor and Level 3 Backpack/Vest. And you can even get a bullet-proof jeep.

For PUBG Xbox players, PUBG Corp released a sizable patch for the PTS server. It includes multiple changes and weapon balancing. With the return of the PUBG PTS for Xbox, could we see more significant changes incoming? PUBG Xbox players have a lot of items they want to see in the game. Fans hope that PUBG in general one day moves to a free-to-play model.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp