PUBG Update 12.2: Everything You Need to Know

Photo by PUBG Corp.

PUBG's Update 12.2 brought plenty of changes and noteworthy additions to the popular battle royale title. With a new map, new weapons, and plenty of bug fixes, changes, and reorganizing, players will have plenty to catch up on. Before dropping into battle, here's what's new to the game with Update 12.2.

PUBG Update 12.2: Everything You Need to Know

Update 12.2 was a large one for PUBG, bringing an entirely new map in Taego. In the patch notes provided, Taego has, "has diverse terrain and environments, with numerous towns, compounds, and unique points of interest across the Battleground." In addition, Taego provides two different self-revive opportunities for players, in Comeback BR and Self-AED. According to the patch notes, Comeback BR is similiar to Warzone's Gulag mechanic: "Players who die during the first Blue Zone phase battle it out in the Comeback Arena, a location separate from the main Taego Battleground. Survivors who remain alive long enough in the Comeback Arena are transported by helicopter back to the Taego mainland in phase 3 to resume their fight for the Chicken Dinner."

Self-AED is less complicated. It's a world loot item that players can pick up, and if they get downed, can use to revive themselves without any aid. Both the Comeback BR and Self-AED features are exclusive to Taego, at least for now.

There are new weapons, with the introduction of the assault rifle K2, as well as the DMR Mk12. Just like the Comeback BR and Self-AED, both of these guns are only available on Taego. The K2 is modeled after 80s assault rifles, and the Mk12 packs a punch from long distance. And for those more interested in driving, a new vehicle is joining the roster, with the Pony Coupe, also only found on Taego.

The rest of the patch is just as chock full of new additions and gameplay changes, so reading through the official patch notes is certainly worth it.