R-301 ADS Bug Seemingly Found in Apex Legends Season 14

"The bullet accuracy is not there for quite a while."
"The bullet accuracy is not there for quite a while." / Image courtesy of sweetdreams, Respawn Entertainment

Some players are reporting that Apex Legends' longtime reliable gun might not be so much at the moment in Season 14: Hunted.

As many seasoned players can likely attest to, the R-301 Carbine has long been one of the most popular weapons in the game thanks to its steady recoil pattern.

Early on into Season 14, however, it appears a bug is causing the R-301 to lose its reliable accuracy unannounced.

As tweeted by @NixAims on Aug. 16, it seems as though the R-301 is currently glitched so that the first few bullets players shoot while aiming down sight (ADS) will miss the mark suspiciously bad, almost as if the gun is being hipfired.

"When you ADS with R301 now the bullet accuracy is not there for quite a while," NixAims tweeted. "The animation will be visually done but bullets will act like hipfire."

Attached to NixAims' tweeted was an apparent clip of the glitch affecting the aim of NRG pro Christopher "sweetdreams" Sexton.

Ultimately, it's tough to tell if this glitch is simply a rare occurrence or perhaps a stealth nerf.

In the Apex Legends: Hunted patch notes, the R-301 notably did not receive any specific changes aside from having its base hipfire spread increased along with the rest of the assault rifles in the game.

At the time of publication, this apparent bug has yet to be added to Respawn's Apex Legends Trello board.

Apex Legends: Hunted is available now on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC (via Origin, Steam).