Radiant Charizard Pokémon GO: Price, Where to Buy

The Pokémon Company,

In July 2022 a special set of Pokémon Trading Cards were released based on the hit mobile game Pokémon GO. One card that is considered Radiant Rare is card number 011/078, Radiant Charizard. Charizard is one of the most iconic Pokémon in the franchise so owning any Charizard card is worth holding onto. Here is everything you need to know about the Radiant Charizard Pokémon GO card.

Radiant Charizard Pokémon GO: Price, Where to Buy

Radiant Charizard can be bought individually in Near Mint Holofoil condition for about $28.00. The price of the card has gone up and down slightly ever since its release but it has never been sold beyond $30.00 or for less than $20.00. TCGPlayer.com offers the cheapest listing of sellers in the market compared to popular sites like Amazon selling the card for $40.00.

You can always try to get the card the old fashioned way by opening card packs that sell at most retailers starting at $5.00 for 10 cards.

The Radiant Charizard stats are the following:

  • Card Number - 011/078
  • Rarity - Radiant Rare
  • Card Type - Fire
  • HP - 160
  • Stage - Basic
  • Ability - Excited Heart | This Pokémon's attacks cost C less for each Prize card your opponent has taken
  • Attack - Combustion Blast | 250 During your next turn, this Pokémon can't use Combustion Blast.
  • Weakness - 2x to Water
  • Resistance - None
  • Retreat - Three

Whether you buy Pokémon cards online or at stores, hunting them down can quickly become expensive and challenging. Understand the risk involved when looking to buy packs to chase certain cards versus purchasing the single you desire.