Ranking the Four League of Legends Champions Released in 2021

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

We will be ranking the four League of Legends champions that were released in 2021. This year, Riot Games added four new champions to League of Legends: Akshan, Viego, Gwen and Vex. Earlier this year, Riot mentioned that they had set a goal of releasing one new champion in each role a year. Due to Riot's busy schedule and the release of the Netflix show, Arcane, Riot was short of their goal.

However, League of Legends players can expect two new champions to be released a few patches after the start of Season 12, which is on Jan. 4, 2022. Riot wanted to add the champions in with a few events towards the end of this year, but they didn't quite fit the theme. In 2022, a new marksman and support will be added to League of Legends.

Akshan, Viego, Gwen and Vex were all released this year and had received positive feedback. However, some of these new champions had a smoother release, can be played in other roles, and overall brought more to the whole game than others. Here is how we ranked the new champions released in 2021.

Ranking the Four League of Legends Champions Released in 2021

1. Viego

Viego was the first champion to be released of 2021. Not only has Viego had a huge role in the League of Legends game, but also added so much to the overall League of Legends lore as he is the Ruined King. The Ruined King had been mentioned in the League of Legends lore for over a decade and finally was introduced to the game. He is a versatile champion that can be played in several roles, and his ability to capture an enemy champion's soul added to the game and matched according to his lore.

2. Gwen

League of Legends players were given a new AP top laner this year, and Gwen has been a fun champion to play in the game. Gwen can be played in several roles of the game and has an incredibly high skill cap. Her auto attacks reset her ability allowing her to do more damage quickly in top lane. Gwen was released after Viego and their lores are connected which hasn't happened in a while.

3. Vex

Vex was the most recently added champion to the game, and players have had a lot of fun playing this support. Unlike any other champion, Vex is neither a "hero" nor a "villain;" she just doesn't want to get involved at all. Her voice lines are sarcastic and entertaining, and her overall character control-mage build comes in handy in an actual game.

4. Akshan

Akshan is a great champion that has been introduced into the game, but upon his release, there were a lot of bugs that needed to be fix with the champion. Akshan's ability to avenge and revive teammates has been a fun feature added to League, but many players didn't quite enjoy the concept. This champion has also needed quite a few updates and it seems that Riot still struggles to balance Akshan out.