Rarest Wattson Skins in Apex Legends

Check out the rarest Wattson skins in Apex Legends.
Check out the rarest Wattson skins in Apex Legends. / Respawn Entertainment

The rarest Wattson skins in Apex Legends give the Legend some unique looks that have not been seen in-game in years.

As one of the oldest Legends in Apex Legends, Wattson is a fan-favorite character in Respawn Entertainment's Battle Royale. Although her pick-rate is not as high as it once was, the Static Defender is always a solid option if players are looking to wield some electricity in battle. She has accumulated a lot of skins over the years, including some rare options that might never return.

Here's a breakdown of the rarest Wattson skins in Apex Legends.

Rarest Wattson Skins in Apex Legends

Cyber Punked (Legendary)

Cyber Punked
Cyber Punked / Respawn Entertainment

The Cyber Punked skin is one of the rarest skins in all of Apex Legends. Players were only able to get Wattson's Cyber Punked skin in the Season 4 Battle Pass, which dropped over three years ago. Newer Apex Legends players have never had the chance to get their hands on a pink-haired Wattson.

A recolor of Cyber Punked came out in 2022 called Static Spike during the Fight or Fright Event, turning the pink to orange. The color is perfect for Halloween, but ultimately does not come close to the original pink.

Electric Royalty (Epic)

Electric Royalty
Electric Royalty / Respawn Entertainment

Wattson's Electric Royalty skin might never come back to Apex Legends. The Epic-rarity skin was an exclusive Prime Gaming reward back in 2021, and subscribers had just over a month to unlock Electric Royalty, along with the Ornate Orchid Volt SMG skin and Shocking Portrait Wattson Banner frame.

The skin manages to both stay true to Wattson's traditional appearance and upgrade her gear into something regal. The gold and purple colors make the skin far nicer than most free Prime Gaming rewards.

Ruby Joules (Legendary)

Ruby Joules
Ruby Joules / Respawn Entertainment

Ruby Joules is a recolor of Wattson's Strange Attractor skin. The developers took the bright orange of the original skin and replaced it with an all-red design that makes Wattson look even more deadly. Ruby Joules appeared in the store in 2020 and has not yet been back in Apex Legends. The likeliness of a player today getting their hands on both the Strange Attractor and Ruby Joules skins is extremely low.

Sweet Dreams (Rare)

Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams / Respawn Entertainment

Sweet Dreams is another Wattson skin that was a free reward for those with a Prime Gaming membership. Although the skin is not as nice or eye-catching as her Legendary skins, Sweet Dreams is just as rare; the last time the skin was available in Apex Legends was in 2019.

Sweet Dreams brings even more innocence to Wattson, giving her a purple coat with a unicorn that matches the unicorns on the rest of her gear. The yellow, pastel blue, and purple are perfect for Twitch Prime and Prime Gaming, but maybe not so much for Apex Legends.