Rebirth Island is Coming Back to MW3 Warzone With a Twist

Rebirth Island is coming back to MW3 Warzone sooner than fans might think.
Rebirth Island is coming back to MW3 Warzone sooner than fans might think. / Activision

Rebirth Island is officially coming to MW3 Warzone in just one month with a twist some players might not appreciate.

It is no secret that fans want Rebirth Island and Verdansk back in Call of Duty: Warzone as soon as possible. The two maps are by far the most popular options among players worldwide, and with each new Warzone update or map, fans are left wishing to once again deploy into either Verdansk or Rebirth Island. Although the developers just brought back Fortune's Keep, another beloved Resurgence map, players are still eagerly awaiting the return of Rebirth Island.

Fortunately, the developers finally confirmed that Rebirth Island is coming back to Warzone much earlier than fans expected, but with an important stipulation.

Rebirth Island is Coming to MW3 Warzone With a Twist

Rebirth Island is coming to MW3 Warzone with a twist; instead of joining Fortune's Keep in the Ranked Resurgence rotation, the map is instead launching exclusively in Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile.

Fans who want to play Rebirth Island will have to download and play Warzone Mobile. Despite only releasing in the mobile game so far in 2024, the map will be an exact replica of its original design in Warzone. Rebirth Island lobbies on Warzone Mobile will contain 48 players and follow the same Resurgence rules as always.

Even if you are disappointed that Rebirth Island is only coming to Warzone Mobile next month, you will be happy to hear that the developers confirmed the map will also come to Warzone sometime in 2024.

Warzone Mobile Rebirth Island Release Date

Rebirth island will be released on Mar. 21, 2024, as Warzone Mobile launches worldwide. The beloved Resurgence map will be available to play on iOS and Android devices as soon as the game goes live.

The developers teased, "Battle within the central prison complex or traverse along the outer edges of the island, moving from building to building or taking your chances with longshots out in the open."

At the time of writing, fans only have to wait less than a month to once again experience the chaos of Rebirth Island.