Red Dead Online: How to Start Moonshine Business

How do you start a Moonshine business in Red Dead Online?
How do you start a Moonshine business in Red Dead Online? / Photo Courtesy of Rockstar Games

Red Dead Online players are wondering how to start a moonshine business after Rockstar Games added a lucrative, yet dangerous and painstaking business to get a start in. With the moonshine business being extremely tricky to maneuver, its important to know how to get your start in the industry so you can make the sweet profit with your own special mixes.

To start off, you need to have a level 5 ranking or higher in trading or have at least one successful sale before you can start moonshining in Red Dead Online. If you're already accustomed to Red Dead Online, these two prerequisites should already be fulfilled or not take too long to accomplish.

Once these two requirements are fulfilled, you can start buying supplies and setting up the shack where your moonshine business will operate from. This requires 25 gold bars, which can be built up while working as another role with your character in Read Dead Online.

Red Dead Online How To Start Moonshine

Once the location of your moonshine is all set and ready, you need to find Maggie, an experienced moonshiner that will assign you missions. Completing these missions will grant you access to recipes and lower-priced goods that make working in the moonshine business much easier to get around.

After getting your feet wet in the moonshine business, you might find the business isn't that profitable to start, just making around $100 for a single shipment. Although, as you rank up as a moonshiner, you will be able to produce higher quality moonshine, which means you will also be able to sell your product for even more money.

At Moonshiner Rank 5, you will be able to purchase the Condense Upgrade at the Moonshiner Store for $825 and two tokens. Don't worry, its a worthwhile investment as it will let you upgrade your production from Weak Moonshine to Average Moonshine.

The next upgrade is the Polished Copper Upgrade, which can be acquired at Moonshiner Rank 10 for $875 and three tokens. While it does costs a bit more, the upgrade allows you to eventually make the highest available quality of moonshine, Strong Moonshine, and lets you introduce more flavors to your mixes in addition giving you even more money per shipment.