Relicanth Pokemon GO: How to Get

Image provided by Ninatic.
Image provided by Ninatic. /

There’s a large variety of Pokemon in Pokemon GO, with some being more rare than others. One of the most sought after Pokemon few have in their collections is Relicanth, a Water/Rock-type monster that doesn't seem to appear in the wild. Here’s how players can acquire a Relicanth.

Relicanth Pokemon GO: How to Get

Relicanth is a region-specific Pokemon, as it’s only found in New Zealand and its surrounding islands. Relicanth cannot be found elsewhere in the world, nor can it hatch from eggs that aren’t found in its native area. 

However, there is an opportunity for players outside of New Zealand to score a Relicanth, and it’s by taking part in the upcoming Safari Zone event in Liverpool, United Kingdom from Oct. 15-17. Just like the other two Safari Zone events occurring this year, this event will feature Pokemon from different areas of the world, localized at a specific location. Among other Pokemon, Relicanth is one of the few that will be encountered there.

Trainers who want to attend must buy a ticket and register for the event, and they don’t even need to physically be in Liverpool to encounter the featured Pokemon. Simply use an Incense and the featured Pokemon will appear nearby that day for any registered users. However, tickets are sold out and will no longer be sold, so players who were unable to get one cannot capture the event Pokemon.

Relicanth is now available to capture in-game, either by visiting New Zealand or by attending the Liverpool Safari Zone from Oct. 15-17.