Resident Evil 4 Remake Merchant Requests


The Merchant in the Resident Evil 4 Remake is one of the few allies players have in the survival-horror game. This enigmatic figure provides Leon with the opportunity to purchase new weapons and upgrade existing ones using the game's currency, Pesetas. However, the Merchant also has a number of Requests - side quests - for Leon to complete.

In the Resident Evil 4 Remake, ex-cop Leon S. Kennedy is tasked with rescuing the President's daughter from a remote village in Spain, where insane villagers partake in disturbing and violent rituals. At the beginning of the game, Leon is only armed with a handgun, a few bullets and a knife, which doesn't seem like very much for such an important mission, but you have to start somewhere.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Merchant Requests

Completing Requests gives Spinels, a unique currency that can be exchanged with the Merchant for exclusive items. There are a number of Requests in the game that task players with finding items, killing enemies and other goals. Here they are, as compiled by VGC.





Destroy the Blue Medallions

For the love of god, will somebody please get rid of the blue medallions those religious lunatics left hanging around?


3 Spinel

Pest Control

Get rid of the rats that have taken up in the factory, We don’t know if they are carrying any diseases, but we’d rather not find out!

Abandoned Factory

3 Spinel

Viper Hunter

A dear friend of mine is gravely ill and I’d very much like to treat them to some delicious vipers before they pass.


4 Spinel

Grave Robber

Those traitorous twins should not be allowed to rest in peace for joining that evil cult. Won’t someone-anyone-destroy the emblems engraved upon their tombstones!


2 Spinel

Destroy the Blue Medallions 2

Is there anyone who can destroy those blue medallions??? The area is polluted by their presence and I can’t bear it!

Quarry and Fish Farm

4 Spinel

Egg Hunt

Someone fetch me a rare gold chicken egg! What will I do with it? Well, sometimes it’s more fun not knowing, right?


3 Spinel

Catch Me a Big Fish

Could someone catch the gigantic fish that lives in the lake for me? Fish oil has many uses, after all.


3 Spinel

A Savage Mutt

I need someone to get rid of the wild dog that’s been roaming around the village.

Chief's Manor

8 Spinel

Destroy the Blue Medallions 3

Those blue medallions have been strung up around the castle by those crazy zealots. They’re a damn eyesore! Someone get them out of my sight.

Castle Gate

5 Spinel

Destroy the Blue Medallions 4

Those annoying blue medallions are a blemish and I want them gone. Let us show them that we are not afraid and that we will not stand for this!

Grand Hall

5 Spinel

More Pest Control

Rats have infested a section of the castle and are gnawing away at all the precious books, but those heretics couldn’t care less!.


3 Spinel

Merciless Knight

I seek a brave soul willing to dispose of that monstrosity of a knight. But be warned: it is much stronger than the others. He cut down our best with a single strike.


8 Spinel

Insect Hive

Too many have lost their lives to the never-ending swarm of insects. It’s a plague! Please destroy the entrances in their gigantic hive and save us from further tragedy.


4 Spinel

Jewel Thief

Someone help me recover a stolen jewel snatched by a thieving crow” I bet it can be found in the vile thing’s nest…


3 Spinel

The Disgrace of the Salazar Family

The detestable Ramon Salazar. Even the very sight of his images makes my skin crawl. Do me a service and find some way to deface the portrait of him in the room shown in the photograph, will you?

Throne Room

4 Spinel

Destroy the Blue Medallions 5

If anyone has a moment to spare, would you please turn those blue medallions into a broken mess on the floor?

Cargo Depot

5 Spinel

Even More Pest Control

I’ve had enough! Disgusting rats are running all over my area, making the place filthy. Will someone help me keep things clean and take care of those tiny terrors once and for all?

Waste Disposal

3 Spinel

The Wandering Dead

There have been sightings of what appears to be a strange corpse wandering around, likely the result of some immoral experiment. Won’t someone put it out of its terrible misery?

Incubation Lab

8 Spinel

Destroy the Blue Medallions 6

I want every single blue medallion in these ruins smashed to pieces!

Cliffside Ruins

5 Spinel

Completing all 19 Requests also unlocks a trophy.