Respawn Entertainment Developer Promises Improvements to Apex Ranked Arenas

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

A Respawn entertainment developer responded to a Twitter complaint about the ranked arena mode. While many in the community were excited about the new game mode, it's been a bit of a nightmare to balance. And in this complaint, it's all about the matchmaking.

Twitter user, @LeotheLion25 said, "exactly why Arena Ranked ain't worth anyone's time to grind. Lvl 26 newbie was on my team in this match too and was definitely not a diamond lvl player. Arena Ranked just a waste of time. I also spent two hours farming 68 AP just to lose 60 in one game."

While the game mode is in a much better spot when it comes to weapons and Legends, the AP system seems broken.

As mentioned in the Twitter post, AP can be hard to come by and easy to lose. And in this case, having bad teammates can be detrimental to that grind. Respawn is apparently going to work on that.

In response to the complaint, Respawn's Senior Designer Robert West said: "These big AP losses are uh… not great. It’s MMR based (Matchmaking Rating) and there are really only two ways to lose more than 12. First is if you’ve somehow climbed AP way higher than your relative MMR. This shouldn’t really ever happen and we’ll fix it if we see it happening. Second is if you lose to a lower rated team."

"Thankfully, we have some updates coming that I think will make this much better. Lower ranked teammates usually just means their MMR is close to yours but they haven’t grinded as much AP. This should also be better after the update."

Respawn is aware of the problem when it comes to AP in arenas and is actively working on a fix. It shouldn't feel so punishing. Players want to enjoy their grind to the top, not feel like it's an extra job.