Respawn Entertainment Planning Third Support Legend

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment is considering future designs for a support Legend as they have released character after character with aggressive playstyles. This list includes Loba, Fuze, Horizon, Ash, and now with the arrival of Mad Maggie, the support class feels a bit left out. But Respawn Entertainment has admitted in a press conference that they are currently making plans in the foreseeable future about not just adding a support Legend to the roster, but also changing the class structure in general.

Respawn is aware that Apex lacks has too few support Legends, and eased support players' concerns in a recent press conference. Developer Chris Winder assured the community that Respawn does in fact plan to have a third support Legend.

"We’ve released a number of aggressive characters so [we’re] thinking about servicing those other play styles less served by recent characters," Winder said.

"Support is definitely one [of the underserved playstyles] that we’ve identified,” he continued. “Obviously, there’s not too many support characters in the game. So yeah, we might have some things cooking along those lines”

When is the Support Legend Coming Out?

Respawn Entertainment hasn't announced an official timeline for when the next support Legend will arrive in Apex Legends. The absolute earliest it could arrive would be at the start of Season 13, but it's likely the design process will take longer than that.

How Fans Feel About Support Legend

Many fans of Apex Legends feel that it is about time the game gets another support. In fact, many think it's overdue.

Players haven’t received a true support Legend in six seasons, and many are growing irritable at the fact that Respawn hasn’t produced any Legend that isn’t in the assault, defense, or recon class. With only two Legends that are truly in the support category, Loba and Lifeline, it is hard to diversify playing styles for players who aren’t suited for any other class besides support.

Respawn is aware of the changes and additions that are needed to be made, it is only a matter of time before they put those changes into action. Respawn is also considering adjusting the support class in general, possibly making it a hybrid of other classes that still consists of support-based needs.