Respawn Interview Confirms More LTMs Are on the Way

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment confirmed more LTMs are being worked on and will test out new ideas and features. Respawn has done a great job over the years, making unique and fun LTMs for players to experience. Some of them became a permanent addition to the game like Arenas and even Control is going to be here for the long haul.

Though players should understand, not all LTMs will become fixtures of the game, some are purely for fun or even a way for Apex Legends to experiment features.

Two members of the Apex Legends development team spoke with The Loadout about these future LTMs.

When talking about the gameplay experiences and changes, Evan Nikolich shared some interesting insight, "The Apex team is all about experimenting and trying new things. That’s why we really enjoy creating and playing around with LTMs to bring variety to the player experience season over season. More than just bringing variety to the gameplay experience in Apex, LTMs also allow us to give players new ways to practice their skills and allow us to test out new mechanics for the core BR experience. For example, Evo Shields came from a previous LTM, and we loved the mechanic so much we brought it into the main BR experience. You can expect to see us continue playing with LTMs in Apex.”

Apex Legends Game Director Steve Ferreira added a comment, that while they look to innovate and keep things fresh, the game will always stay true to Apex Legends.

It's good to know Respawn will continue to work on Apex Legends and not focus solely on Apex Legends Mobile.