Respawn Responds to Apex Legends Tap Strafing Nerf

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends may have some of the most advanced movements out of all the popular battle royales out now. Whether it be sliding, legends abilities or glitches, players are always zooming around the map.

Well, one of Apex Legends most notable movements received a nerf. Tap strafing is a combination of bunny hopping and air-strafing. It allows the player to make much sharper turns out of a jump. If done correctly, multiple tap strafes in a row result in a full 180-degree turn.

Recently, tap strafing was nerfed, and instead of making a full turn, you can only turn 90 degrees. Shortly after, tap strafing was removed entirely from the game.

Clearly, this was not intended by the developers since they responded to the incident fairly quickly. "We've seen your reports about issues with tap strafing in after today and are looking into it,"

We don't know what tap strafing will look like once it's fixed. There are three options that can happen. Either a full removal of tap strafing, tap strafing goes back to normal or the nerf of tap strafing wasn't an accident.

Another possibility is that Respawn is overlooking movement in Apex Legends as a whole. Determining if some mechanics should stay or if others should go.