Respawn Updates Trello Bug Tracker, Fixes Legends Abilities Swap Bug

Apex Legends Newest Legend, Vantage
Apex Legends Newest Legend, Vantage / Photo Courtesy of Respawn Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment released an updated version of the Trello tracker for Apex Legends. After some hilarious bugs at launch including one which allowed players to use a certain Legend but with abilities from a different one.

There have been fewer creative bugs that are simply annoying including a few that actual disconnect you from the server or crash your game completely.

There are two such bugs.

"Game crash caused by picking up teammate's banner while having Seer's Heartthrob or Rampart's Waistlander skins equipped."

"Some crafting material bins can cause a crash when collecting them."

They're both rare or complicated enough that Respawn is planning a fix in the next update, so you may still run into these types of bugs. Respawn is also investigating a total of five different issues. These can be smaller problems only hampering a few players or potentially bigger problems that may take a while. During this period Respawn's job is to formulate what the problem is, why it's happening and is there an easy fix. Sometimes a fix can cause more problems, so Respawn has to be careful.