Respawn Working on Predator Lobby Stream Sniping in Apex Legends

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has multiple things to focus on when it comes to cheaters in Apex Legends, but keeping their pro players or top-tier players happy has to be a priority. While it's frustrating for anyone to have to deal with a cheater in their lobby, it's even worse for people trying to make a living off of playing. And now, cheaters will target high-end players by stream sniping and harassing the players.

In a Twitter thread, Apex Predator HisWattson and Apex’s Security lead Conor Ford get in a little disagreement about the current state of the game.

It starts with HisWattson complaining that they can't just call someone to get cheaters banned when they're being stream sniped which is where Ford steps in. He's quick to state that Respawn has been quick to help HisWattson in the past.

While the two argue a bit about the process, HisWattson brings up a point about the lobby being able to detect hackers or cheaters when they're in the lobby.

Ford answers the complaint from HisWattson.

"I think it’s also fair to keep in mind that we didn’t have the team that we have now during all of that. I can say that the bronze issue is currently being worked on as well so hopefully, you won’t be seeing that soon"

It turns out Respawn is working on the lobby detecting low level players suddenly making it into high tier lobbies, meaning they are cheaters using some type of hack to get into Predator lobbies. This should be an easy focus since cheaters can't grind toward the top without being caught at some time, so they usually have a low rank.