Return of PUBG PTS Includes Changes to Item Spawns and Movement Sound

PlayerUnknown's Battleground's Xbox community manager made a post on Reddit announcing the return of the Public Test Server (PTS). Before the latest patch is implemented on the live server on May 28, from May 20 7 p.m. PDT to May 28, players will have a chance to test these new changes out for themselves. Here are the alterations to Item Spawns and Movement Sound.

Item Spawn Balance Modification and Movement Rustling Sound

Item Spawn Balance Modification

Erangel Loot

The item spawn rates on Erangel have been increased. Additionally, the spawn rate of some major weapon classes has also been upped.

  • Increased the spawn rate of ARs (12%), DMRs (16%) and SMGs (14%)
  • SRs and Handguns received a slight spawn rate increase
  • Because of these spawn rate changes, the spawn rate of other items have been increased evenly to compensate. This results in a small increase in spawns of high priority items such as ARs, meds etc.

    This also means the overall loot for other maps has also increased slightly, although no changes have been made to individual item spawn ratios on other maps.

      Movement Rustling Sound


      Different rustle sounds now play when equipping weapons in your hands vs holstering on your back

      Identical rustling sound will be played regardless of weapon type

      Sidearms, melee weapons and throwables do not make rustling sounds

    Sound level balance

    Rustling sounds of backpacks, weapons are all identical in both volume and audible distance.

    Even though the audible range of clothes is same as bags/weapons etc, it may sound like they’re heard at a different range due to the volume being lower.

    Audible distance and volume of the rustling sound changes dynamically based on the characters movement speed.

    The faster you move, the louder the noise, which can then be heard from further away.

    The audible range and the volume of the rustling sound is lower than footsteps.

    To access the PTS, simply search for and download the “PUBG - Public Test Server” on the Microsoft Store.

    With the return of the PUBG PTS for Xbox, could we see more significant changes incoming? PUBG Xbox players have a lot of items they want to see in the game. Could the game one day even be free?

    Photo courtesy of PUBG Corporation