Rhapsody's Abilities Revealed Ahead of Tuesday Release

Image Courtesy of EA Games

The Apex Legends Mobile community has welcomed a new Legend into its fold. The official Twitter account for Apex Legends Mobile announced last Thursday that Rhapsody will join the mobile version of the game as its newest Legend. Included with the announcement was a Rhapsody teaser trailer.

Apex Legends Mobile is available on Apple's App Store as well as Google Play. For those unfamiliar with the game, it's "a strategic battle royale shooter game that features Legendary character-based gameplay, best-in-class squad battles, and fast-paced combat."

Similar to Overwatch's Heroes, the Legends of Apex Legends are character types that gamers select for their different abilities. Teams composed of different Legends work together across game modes, using their unique skills to complement each other in order to complete objectives.

Rhapsody will debut along with the new season of Apex Legends Mobile, titled Distortion, which will premiere tomorrow, Tuesday, July 12. More details on Rhapsody's abilities arrived earlier today on Twitter, by way of @alphaINTEL, a well known Apex Legends insider.

Judging by the comments of other Twitter users on the post, fans of Apex Legends Mobile are excited to try her out. One fan, @joshuacaton8, wrote "MFs really be getting better characters on a mobile game." Another user, @m4uritzchen stated simply, "shes OP with her ulti," in reference to her Ultimate Ability, Rowdy's Rave, a defensive maneuver that promises to "project a wall of flashing lights that blocks incoming sight and scans."

Rhapsody's other abilities Gifted Ear and Hype Anthem, clearly indicate that the theme of music has influenced Rhapsody's character development, and fans seem to be all for it. As Twitter user @ryujisukmatoes remarked in response to the news, "the concept of a sound-related legend coming to apex legends is the cool concept I was talking about."