Rocket League Season 3: Everything You Need to Know

Rocket League Season 3 arrives April 7
Rocket League Season 3 arrives April 7 / Photo by Psyonix

Interested in Rocket League Season 3 and everything you need to know? Season 3 speeds into Rocket League on April 7, bringing with a host of new racing-themed content. New cars, a new arena, and a collaboration with the world's two premier racing organizations are just some of what's in store for players in Season 3.

Season 3 brings professional racing to Rocket League in a combination that seemed to be inevitable. The highlight of Season 3 is the inclusion of NASCAR and Formula 1 cars, which will be arriving sometime in May. Season 3 also features a new Rocket Pass that gives players a number of challenges in order to Tier Up and earn unique items.

Rocket League Season 3: Everything You Need to Know

Rocket League Season 3 carries an emphasis on speed and racing, so it was only natural that both NASCAR and F1 are to be involved. Psyonix has given too many details, but indicates that both a NASCAR stock car and F1 Indy car will be made available in Season 3 through their own bundles. The NASCAR bundle will arrive in early May while the F1 bundle will come mid-May.

Rocket League will also introduce a brand new car to compete with the NASCAR and F1 vehicles. The Tyranno is an extremely fast car that carries a Dominus hitbox. The Tyranno is part of the Season 3 Rocket Pass and can be immediately unlocked with the Rocket Pass Premium.

The game's most popular arena, DFH Stadium, will also be getting a makeover in Season 3. DFH Stadium will now feature a Circuit mode that adds a paved raceway circling around the outside edges of the pitch. It might be enticing to race a few laps with an opponent, but remember that scoring goals in Rocket League is how you end up in the winner's circle.

Season 3 of Rocket League is set to begin on April 7. The Season 3 Rocket Pass will be made available on the same date.