Top 10 Cars in Rocket League

Top 10 cars in Rocket League
Top 10 cars in Rocket League / Photo by Psyonix

When including DLC, Rocket League features well over fifty different cars to choose from. Even though most of them perform more or less the same, there are still a few models that stand out from the rest. This can be determined by the cars' speed, acceleration, boost, hitbox, handling, and more.

With so many cars in the game with similar attributes, it can be hard to discern which ones are most viable. Rocket League is also constantly adding new vehicles, but the meta around which cars are the best to use has generally remained the same. To help you pick the top cars that can give you an advantage over the competition, here are the top ten cars in Rocket League.

Top 10 Rocket League Cars

1. Octane

The Octane is the default car in Rocket League but is the preferred vehicle for the majority of professional players. The Octane is an incredibly balanced option that succeeds in all areas and can adapt to all situations.

2. Dominus

The Dominus is not as well-rounded as the Octane but has more speed and acceleration. It offers a flashier option in both performance and aesthetic, making it the most popular car in casual play.

3. Breakout

The Breakout is designed for beginning players and features good acceleration and handling. The Breakout is a balanced vehicle with its only real weakness being its small height and length.

4. Batmobile

The Batmobile arrived to Rocket League as part of the Dawn of Justice DLC Pack and features a great turning radius and easy in-air maneuverability. It can dribble the ball more effectively thanks to its flat design, but it can be difficult to control for beginners.

5. Mantis

The Mantis is a similar alternative to the Batmobile, though it is not as powerful or easy to control mid-air. It still has great acceleration and turning radius and is adept at making precise shots and passes.

6. Aftershock

The Aftershock is one of the fastest cars in the game with some of the best boost abilities available. It has arguably the best handling in the game, but can be limited by its small hitbox and difficult in-air maneuverability.

7. Takumi

The Takumi is a balanced vehicle with a tall hitbox and great in-air ability. It is held back by short length and a steep learning curve.

8. Merc

The Merc is a powerful vehicle with the largest hitbox in the game. It is surprisingly good in the air, but suffers from slow speed and clunky handling.

9. Marauder

The Marauder serves as something of a more powerful version of the Octane. It has similar a similar design and acceleration but is slower and harder to control.

10. Endo

The Endo is part of the Starter Kit DLC pack and is designed to be a Hybrid of the Octane and the Dominus. It has good in-air maneuverability and turning radius can be difficult to play at a consistently high level.