Sentry Gun Killstreak Warzone: How to Get

"Need an automated fifth squad member in the form of a rapid-fire turret?"
"Need an automated fifth squad member in the form of a rapid-fire turret?" / Photo courtesy of Activision

The Sentry Gun Killstreak in Warzone is one of the most overpowered advantages up for grabs now in Verdansk '84.

Need an automated fifth squad member in the form of a rapid-fire turret? Don’t trust a squadmate to actually watch your six? Then look no further than the brand-new Sentry Gun Killstreak in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 Reloaded. Here's how to find one.

Sentry Gun Killstreak Warzone: How to Get

It appears the term high risk, high reward applies once again in this instance as the Sentry Gun Killstreak can only be found as an extremely rare legendary item drop within a Red Door room Supply Box.

As established before the launch of Season 4, the Red Doors are a relatively fast travel system in the city of Verdansk '84.

Here are nine of the Red Door locations that players have discovered in Season 4 so far:

  1. Inside the main building of Summit
  2. Inside the Old Mine to the southwest of Summit
  3. Inside a building on the northern edge of the Salt Mine
  4. Inside a large building on the southwest side of the Salt Mine
  5. Inside the fully-built plane in Factory
  6. Underneath the half-built plane in Factory
  7. By the scoreboard on the west side of Stadium
  8. Under the commentator’s box on the south side of Stadium
  9. On the second floor of Nakatomi Plaza

Interacting with a Red Door and stepping through it activates a Black Ops Cold War Zombies-esque sequence complete with ominous scrambled numbers. Once through, players will spawn in one of 12 random rooms outfitted with aforementioned high-tier legendary loot boxes and Killstreak pickups similar to the hidden bunkers:

  • Military Base
  • Near Bunker 0
  • North of ATC
  • Salt Mine
  • Lumber
  • Factory
  • Promenade East
  • School
  • Farmland
  • Storage
  • Block 18
  • Junkyard

The Red Doors close off to the rest of the lobby when one player or one squad uses it.

Similar to how it operates in Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare, the new Sentry Gun Killstreak in Warzone scans in a near-180-degree radius in front of itself to seek and destroy enemies.

The Sentry Gun Killstreak executes this kill pattern for at least a minute after deployment before it seemingly runs out of interest and collapses via harmless explosion.