Seraphine Voice Actor: Who is it?

Seraphine Voice Actor: Who is it?
Seraphine Voice Actor: Who is it? / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Fans of League of Legends have been trying to discover the voice actor behind Seraphine, the K/DA pop star sensation that has joined the game in October 2020.

Seraphine first came to the spotlight as an up and coming pop star that was discovered by the pop group K/DA. Originally a solo internet star, Seraphine rose to fame after Evelynn found her music and brought her on to collaborate with K/DA.

Serpahine: Who is the Voice Actor?

The voice actor of Seraphine has not been revealed yet, but there are plenty of rumors floating around the internet of whom it might be. One Reddit user believes the voice is that of an internet musical artist named Chevy. Chevy is known for performing ukulele covers on YouTube and posting original songs on Soundcloud. Chevy and the Seraphine social media account Seradotwav follows similar accounts, which led the user to dig deeper into this theory. The full theory can be found here.

Unfortunately for the theory, Chevy came out a few weeks later and covered a K/DA song to prove that she is not the voice of Seraphine. Though this is certainly a disappointment, the hunt to discover the voice actor behind the newest League of Legends champion continues.