Shiny Abra Pokemon GO: How to Get

Photo by Niantic

Despite the amount of monsters present in Pokemon GO, not all of them came with their shiny forms. As the off-colored versions of Pokemon make for rare catches, they’re highly sought after, and even more so if they can evolve into an absolute beast. So, here’s how players can get a shiny Abra.

The method of obtaining a shiny Abra is the same as obtaining a shiny of any other Pokemon. Players will have to get really lucky when exploring the wild and just hope that they can encounter Abra’s shiny variant, as the chances of encountering one is very slim.

Shiny Abra Pokemon GO: How to Get

Fortunately, players can take part in the ongoing Psychic Spectacular event to greatly boost their chances of finding one. While the main feature of this event is Inkay, Abra is one of the few Psychic-types that will appear more frequently during this time. This event is scheduled to begin Sept. 8 at 10 a.m. and end on Sept. 13 at 8 p.m., all times according to the player’s local time zone.

Trainers will know they’ve encountered a shiny Abra with several tells. First, the Abra itself will be a different color, now donning slightly-washed out colors as opposed to its usual golden self. Second, when in the actual capture minigame, the screen will flash and several sparkles will briefly show. Finally, there will be a symbol next to Abra’s name with three little stars inside of it. If all of these are present during an encounter, then a shiny Abra is present. 

Shiny Abras can now be encountered in Pokemon GO.