Shiny Furret Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Shiny Furret in Pokemon GO evolves from shiny Sentret
Shiny Furret in Pokemon GO evolves from shiny Sentret / The Pokémon Company

Shiny Furret Pokemon GO is just one of the many Pokemon trainers could catch during Niantic Labs' newest socially-distant event: Incense Day!

It appears that the effects of quaratine on POGO and its players haven't been lost on Niantic. With large numbers of people needing to stay home all around the world, there just isn't much enjoyment to be had in the game. Now, however, it appears that problem has come to an end.

Every hour, trainers can activate an incense to attract a certain type of Pokemon. The type changes at the end of the hour so trainers can time out exactly when they'd like to log-in and earn stardust. Whether fortunately or unfortunately, for the entire duration of the event held last Sunday, another Pokemon was constantly attracted to the lure: Furret's pre-evolved form Sentret.

Shiny Furret Pokemon GO

As with any common spawn, Sentret can also be encountered in its shiny palette during this event. In fact, it's more likely you'll find one than not. Players are reporting encounters in the hundreds with this normal-type. Any experienced POGO player knows there's always a decent chance that a portion out of those hundred will be shiny.

If you missed the event you need not worry. Sentret and Furret are typically common spawns in most areas. It frequents parks and natural grassy areas to roam. Hunting for them tends to be best during the day in partly cloudy weather.

The best way to get your hands on a shiny Furret is to evolve a shiny Sentret, as first forms tend to be more common than evolved forms. For example, Teddiursa spawns more than Ursaring.

A shiny Sentret can be evolved into a shiny Furret for 25 candies. Furret's shiny palette is primarily pink where it was once an auburn brown.