Shiny Koffing Pokemon GO: How to Obtain

Shiny Koffings in Pokemon GO are a rare, yet great find for any aspiring Pokemon GO master. While a pretty common Pokemon in its normal form, capturing a Shiny Koffing is definitely a commendable feat. How does one catch a shiny Koffing?

Shiny Koffing Pokemon GO

Added earlier this summer as part of the Team GO Rocket event, Koffing, the Pokemon that is literally a ball filled with poisonous gas, got its own shiny form scattered around most Pokestops occupied by the mischievous Team GO Rocket, an allusion to James' Koffing from the anime that eventually evolved into a Weezing.

In order to catch a Shiny Koffing, the most important tool a trainer can have is patience. Koffing itself is a rare Pokemon, spawning less than 1% of the time in the wild in its normal form. With a spawn rate that low, its chances of being a shiny are much, much lower. Additionally, Shiny Koffing have not appeared through hatching eggs, so you'll need to scour high and low to catch one. Once you have a Shiny Koffing, it will take 50 Koffing Candy to evolve it into Weezing, although it won't help much, as neither Pokemon is super effective in gym battles or player-to-player battles.

Image Courtesy the Pokemon Company