Shiny Sentret Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Shiny Sentret Pokemon GO is gold where its evolved form, Furret, is pink
Shiny Sentret Pokemon GO is gold where its evolved form, Furret, is pink / The Pokémon Company

Shiny Sentret Pokemon GO was the most common spawn for trainers who took part in Niantic Labs' newest pandemic-appropriate event, Incense Day, on Sunday.

Trainers had the opportunity to attract Pokemon of all types to be caught from the comfort of their own homes. It appears Niantic has taken the global situation to their war room and strategized the best way to bring entertainment to their self-isolating player base.

Every hour from 11-5 pm, a new type would be available and Pokemon of that corresponding hour would appear more frequently. Unfortunately for some, there was one stand-out that appeared no matter the hour: the normal-type Sentret.

Shiny Sentret Pokemon GO

Sentret is a normal-type, raccoon-looking Pokemon and the pre-evolved form of Furret. It originally appeared in the Johto region and made its way to POGO with the Johto Journey event on Sept. 2 of last year.

Trainers participating in the first Incense Day reported encounters with Sentret in the hundreds. As any experienced POGO trainer knows, the higher the encounters the higher the chance for a shiny. For those who missed the event, however, Sentret will still spawn at its usual rate in natural areas like parks during the day.

Shiny Sentret's palette is primarily a light gold where it was once an chestnut brown. Its more russet stripes turn a pinkish-mahogany color. For 25 candies, shiny Sentret can be evolved into shiny Furret.