Shiny Shellder Pokémon GO: Where to Find and Catch

Where do you find Shiny Shellder in Pokémon GO?
Where do you find Shiny Shellder in Pokémon GO? / Photo by The Pokémon Company

Shiny Shellder Pokémon GO is caught like most Shiny Pokémon: you have to be lucky. How do you get the numbers to favor you? Here's how to find a Shiny Shellder in Pokémon GO.

Shiny Shellder Pokémon GO: Where to Find

Shiny Pokémon appear roughly at a rate of once every 450 encounters, but that number can be larger during certain events. For example, on Community Day, Shiny Pokémon appear more frequently, at a rate of about one every 24 encounters.

If you're looking for Shellder, you would best hunt for it near bodies of water. You can find Shellder appear more around rivers, lakes, canals, oceans and harbors.

Shiny Pokémon don't appear on the map: you have to engage the Pokémon to see if it's Shiny. If it is, you'll see a sparkle, as well as the Pokémon appearing in a different color than usual. A Shiny Shellder is gold rather than purple.

Shellder was recently featured in a Spotlight Hours event, where spawns of Shellder dramatically increased for an hour. Despite the increased rate of encounter, the Shiny rate doesn't increase during Spotlight Hours.

Once a particular Pokémon becomes available as a Shiny, it will always be available to catch as a Shiny. Some Pokémon, like Wobbuffet are available as Shiny for the first time during Spotlight Hours. As Shellder was already available as a Shiny, you could catch one if you were lucky, but the event doesn't make it particularly easier to do so.

There is another chance to help you find more Shellder this week. Throwback Challenge Kanto is wrapping up, but you still have until May 8 for increased spawns of Kanto Pokémon like Shellder. You just have to keep at it until you score a Shiny Shellder.