Simple Horizon Exploit Makes Bangalore and Gibraltar Ultimates Redundant in Apex Legends

A new Horizon exploit makes Gibraltar and Bangalore redundant in Apex Legends.
A new Horizon exploit makes Gibraltar and Bangalore redundant in Apex Legends. / Photo by Respawn Entertainment

Players have discovered a new trick in Apex Legends that makes both Bangalore and Gibraltar's ultimate abilities completely useless. And it all centers around the character Horizon.

It comes as no surprise that Horizon is at the heart of yet another bit of controversy in Apex Legends, as she has proven to be a ground-breaker in multiple facets of the game. This discovery comes to a couple of days after she was shown to be the cause of another melee exploit in the game.

Simple Horizon Exploit Makes Bangalore and Gibraltar Ultimates Redundant.

Those of you who are familiar with both Bangalore and Gibraltar's abilities will know that their Ultimates are no laughing matter as they are both capable of sending forth a barrage of explosives that can blanket an entire area. These ults can be used to lockdown parts of the map, back teams into a corner, or just completely wipe them out of the arena entirely. Now though it seems players have found a new way to deal with these abilities with a simple trick centered around the character Horizon.

According to a few players, if you use Horizon's passive ability, the gravity lift, you can effectively fly over the entire barrage. This cheeky little exploit would allow players to bypass the storm of missiles and charge their opponents with ease if they wanted. Reddit user Jagaleksandr shows off this new trick in a video he posted to the Apex subreddit a few days ago.

In this clip, we can clearly see the player utilizing Horizon's passive ability to launch themselves over Gibraltar's ultimate, allowing the player time to reposition themselves in another part of the battlefield. The obvious downside to this trick is that you will effectively be a sitting duck if you levitate over it for too long, but we doubt players will be eager to stick around the area long enough for someone to get a cheap shot or two at them.

It is highly likely that Respawn Entertainment will look to patch this ability as it is without a doubt a groundbreaking exploit that renders two of their games characters completely redundant in a team fight. But until we get word of anything, you'll want to keep an eye on the sky the next time you think about utilizing a missile barrage on an enemy team.