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Skyward Sword Amiibos: What it Gives You

Photo by Nintendo

The list of Skyward Sword Amiibos is pretty short, with the game offering limited functionality with existing Zelda Amiibos. But, there is a special edition Amiibo arriving in stores alongside the game, and it boasts plenty of solid features for the game. If you're dying to have the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Amiibo on your shelf before it launches, here's the complete list of Amiibos for the newest remake in the series.

Skyward Sword Amiibos: What it Gives You

There's only one Amiibo that works with Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, and that's the new Zelda and Loftwing Amiibo. While many are disappointed to hear that their other Zelda Amiibos aren't compatible, the new Zelda/Loftwing Amiibo offers plenty of in-game bonuses when used. When used, the new Amiibo enables fast travel from the surface to the sky, and vice versa. In the original game released on the Nintendo Wii, traveling to the sky and back was only available at save points. With the new Amiibo, however, players can use this fast travel mechanic at will, making the game's pace much faster in the process.

For fans eager to buy the new Amiibo, the difficulties don't end there. Per IGN, the new Zelda/Loftwing Amiibos are currently delayed with shipping issues. That means players won't be able to use the fast travel mechanic when the game launches. For those that pre-ordered the Amiibo, that's sure to sting, but Nintendo stated that the Amiibos will ship in August.

2021 has brought plenty of Zelda news, with the Skyward Sword HD announcement back in February, and the recent news of the sequel to Breath of the Wild releasing sometime in 2022.