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Skyward Sword Eldin Volcano Key Pieces

Eldin Volcano from a far, home of the Earth Temple and Five Key Pieces needed for entry
Eldin Volcano from a far, home of the Earth Temple and Five Key Pieces needed for entry / Nintendo and

Skyward Sword Eldin Volcano key pieces is essential in opening the Earth Temple, the second Temple in the Skyward Sword HD remake. You will need five key pieces to gain entrance to the Earth Temple.

Skyward Sword Eldin Volcano Key Pieces

First Piece

To find the first piece, directly west of the main door is a spot you can dig, inside the dirt mound is the key piece.

Second Piece

The second key piece requires you to go east of the main door and walk up the staircase. A bomb flower is situated on the edge, with a crumbling wall on the ground floor just in front of Link. There is enough range in Link's throw to get the bomb flower to reach this crumbling wall, exposing another dirt mound where the second key piece is.

Third Piece

This third key piece is a little further out, head west of the main door. You are now met with a slope, a bomb flower, and a wooden tower at the end of the slope. Roll the bomb down the slope to blow up this tower. With the tower fallen over, a dirt mound is exposed where you can dig for the third key piece.

Fourth Piece

Northeast of the locked Earth Temple door is a cliff overlooking a vine wall. Drop down and shimmy across the ledge. Follow the path up, using each ledge to jump to the higher ledge. Once you make your way past the ledges and vine wall, hit the button to extend the bridge. Once you reach the top past all the fire and heat, you will have your fourth key piece.

Be careful if you still have a Wooden Shield at this point, because the heat at this part can burn that sucker up! If it does burn, you can always head to Beedle's Shop to pick up a new shield.

Fifth Piece

The bottom of the long slide lies a tunnel leading north to a cave with a lava pool. You will see a plugged hole that a bomb flower can be thrown at, do this and the lava will fill up the area. With the lava filled in, toss another bomb at the crumbled spot. Inside this spot is the fifth and final key piece.

Best of luck in the Earth Temple!