Sony Appears To Have Registered New PS5 Model

Sony PlayStation
Sony PlayStation / PlayStation, Sony

A new PlayStation 5 model seems to have been registered in Japan by Sony.

In May 2021, Sony announced that they would start a PS5 redesign in 2022. A certificate for construction design was obtained by them in April 2022, signifying that they are updating radio equipment.

The Telecommunications Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan granted this certification to them. This bureau is in charge of upholding companies' radio equipment standards by making sure they are up to date. This specific model that Sony got certification for is the CFI-1200 series, which, according to VGC, is a newer model due to its specific numbering.

Since the redesign that occurred in 2021 didn't have any particular external alterations, it is expected for the CFI-1200 series to be a similar ordeal. In The Wall Street Journal, Sony's representatives stated that hardware is in "short supply" and may be difficult to create more consoles due to component shortages.

This is not an exclusive issue for Sony, though, as Nintendo is struggling with the same problem. "There's no end in sight to the semiconductor shortage at this point," Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo's president stated. Many different companies that create consoles are seeing the shortage of parts in real time.

Another roadblock that Sony is experiencing is the COVID-19 outbreaks and lockdowns in China, as parts for their consoles aren't able to be made and shipped as exported goods. A solution to this issue could be the new radio equipment and certification as they struggle to keep up with the demand for consoles.

In February 2022, PS5 users from the United States and the United Kingdom saw an update that enabled voice commands. Party chat also became available, which was a necessary feature for many. Along with this, mono audio became an option for those with headphones.

These updates, along with the updated radio equipment, are Sony's efforts to keep players engaged while consoles are not being made fast enough for the demand. The CFI-1200 series update for their radio equipment is a new establishment in Sony's redesign tactics for the PS5.