Sony Reveals First Major Software Update for PlayStation 5

Courtesy of Sony.

Sony is introducing the first major update for the PlayStation 5 on April 14, and it will be available worldwide. This will be the first software update for the console and it promises to bring with it changes to not only storage options, but also to customization and control features as well as social.

Sony Reveals First Major Software Update for PlayStation 5

In terms of the storage settings, it means that any game that you downloaded onto to the internal SSD can now be moved over to an external USB drive. As long as it is compatible of course. It is a fairly easy process as well; all you have to do is access the options button through the game's tile on the home menu. Simple and effective as you can transfer games across as and when is easiest for you. Freeing up more time so you don't have to keep re-downloading games. While this is certainly welcome news for those whose storage was getting a little full, it is not quite a permanent solution.

Some of the most looked forward to changes in any software update is upgrades to the control settings and Sony have not disappointed. There have been some adjustments made to the audio menu - now allowing you to disable the in-game chat feature. You will also be able to adjust the volume of other players around you to suit your comfort level without distracting anyone else. Another cool addition to the control features on your PS5 is the ability to pre-download upcoming game patches (if the game in question allows it) and can be found under 'automatic updates' in settings.

Sony have also fiddled around with the Game Base menu so that you can now switch between Friends and Parties instead of being bogged down with them all in one list. There is also the option to switch the notifications for individual parties on and off.

There is a new system for Trophies being introduced that includes a new Trophy stats screen that list what Trophies you have achieved and will also allow you to choose when images and videos are captured when they are unlocked. This means that you can choose for what level of trophy you want pictures or videos (or even both) being taken as you unlock them. Also, you will now be able to customize your game library and set the menu magnification to your comfort levels.

Finally, the new social features coming to the PS5 tomorrow seem to be a particularly proud point for Sony. They have introduced a new, cross-generation Share Play. Meaning that even thought your friends may only still have a PS4, you can share your game screen with them in a voice party. You know, just so you can brag just a little bit. What might get you a little more about Share Play is that you can allow others to play PS5 games via 'virtual controller' and some games even feature cross-generational co-ops so you can play with your friends. You can see this in the 'Request to Join' option that has been added to appear on both PS5 and PS4 (only on supported games however).

Must not forget of course, but the PlayStation App is also being updated and will allow you to join a multiplayer game on a PS5, from the app. You will also be able to manage your console's storage, and sort and filter products in the PS store all from the same app.