Speedrunners Have Beaten FNAF: Security Breach in Under Five Minutes

"It's been easier to find skips that break the game than it is to play the game casually."
"It's been easier to find skips that break the game than it is to play the game casually." / Image courtesy of Steel Wool Studios

With it being exactly a week since the initial launch of Five Night's at Freddy's: Security Breach, one thing has been made clear, especially by the speedrunning community — the game has a lot of bugs.

In fact, the main driver behind why it's been interesting to figure out just who exactly has the world record for a FNAF: Security Breach speedrun is because there have been so many ways to break the game and complete it in absurd times. Here's a breakdown of where things are at the moment in terms of speedrunning FNAF: Security Breach.

The main thing to keep in mind is that almost all of the speedruns in FNAF: Security Breach tend to lead to the same place thus far — the "Vanny dissasembled" ending.

How players have gotten there can vary, however. Depending on whether players decide to take advantage of the game's deload glitches, both in-game and hardware-based, or major skips, a speedrun can last anywhere between five to 30 minutes long.

As demonstrated by EazySpeezy on YouTube, there are a handful of pretty hilarious tricks that those looking to speedrun FNAF: Security Breach can use, from setting the voice volume to zero to skip voice lines, blasting the Gamma setting all the way up to get rid of the need to use a flashlight, and using Freddy to be able to enter just about any area early,

Showcased in another YouTube video by Astral Spiff, however, other speedrunners have seemingly also been able to beat the game right from Freddy's room depending on their PCs.

"The sad thing about this skip is that it isn't hard or special to pull off," Astral Spiff said in the video. "It's simply a result of exploring."

Ultimately, it is pretty astonishing how fast the speedrunning community has managed to figure out a lot of these glitches, and it appears that only more and more of them will be found — as well as crazier times set — with more runs.