Spirit Blossom Darius Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Darius is a new skin coming to League of Legends.

New skins are the only way to customize champions' in-game appearance in League of Legends. Skins and Chromas allow players to get a glimpse into the League of Legends lore, or alternate versions of it, and change up the looks of their favorite characters.

The spirit Blossom skin line is brand new and features nine champions and 10 skins.

Spirit Blossom Darius Skin Splash Art

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

As with every skin in the Spirit Blossom skin line so far, the level of detail is immaculate. Each champion represents a certain emotion or feeling and Darius is no different. As the Spirit of War, Darius portrays that feeling by destroying his enemies.

Spirit Blossom Darius Price

Spirit Blossom Darius is expected to cost 1,350 RP once the skins are released. Such is the standard for most releases in League of Legends.

Spirit Blossom Darius Release Date

Spirit Blossom Darius is expected to be released in Patch 12.19. That patch is scheduled to be released on Oct. 5.

How to Get Spirit Blossom Darius in League of Legends

The only sure way of getting Spirit Blossom Darius is by spending RP in the store once the skin is live. Players can try their luck using keys, chests, and orbs, but the likelihood of earning the exact precise skin is low.

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