Splitgate 'Kicked for Suspicious Activity' Error: What is it?

In Splitgate, there is an error that is falsely banning players for "suspicious activity."
In Splitgate, there is an error that is falsely banning players for "suspicious activity." / Photo courtesy of 1047 Games

The Splitgate Kicked for Suspicious Activity error is one issue that many players seem to be running into on PC that kicks them from their match and restricts them from playing.

For those looking to spend less time on the error screen and more time in some Splitgate games, here's what you can do to fix the Kicked for Suspicious Activity error.

Splitgate 'Kicked for Suspicious Activity' Error: How to Fix

As alluded to earlier, players who run into the issue are given the following error message and aren't able to get back into games, "You were kicked from the match for suspicious activity. EQU8 Error Code: 00x1600e04da."

EQU8 is the anti-cheat service that Splitgate uses.

Essentially, this is a false ban and obviously, something that 1047 Games needs to address, especially with more players reportedly running into the issue after the Season 0 launch.

Unfortunately, it appears this issue has been occurring for more than year, regardless of the game mode, dating back to Splitgate's Arena Warfare days.

Although 1047 Games have yet to address the error, some players in the community who've experienced the problem in the past have suggested some workarounds.

One is to validate the game's files in Steam as you may be missing some EQU8 files, which causes the anti-cheat to think you modified the game:

  1. Navigate to your Steam Library
  2. Right click Splitgate and select "Properties..."
  3. Select "Local Files"
  4. Select "Verify integrity of game files..."

Another player has speculated the following factors to prevent the error from happening:

  • Don't use AutoHotkey even if you have a non-malicious reason. EQU8 has a setting which blocks it and Splitgate may be using it.
  • Add EQU8 to your antivirus exclusions, as some may see the anti-cheat program as a trojan.

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