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TBC Classic Cenarion Expedition Rep Guide

Azeroth greatest heroes are looking to defend their homeland
Azeroth greatest heroes are looking to defend their homeland / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic released on Tuesday, June 1 allowing players to traverse the Dark Portal and go to Outland in order to defend their homeland of Azeroth from the invading demonic forces. In Outland there are several factions in which players can build reputation in order to get items, thus making them stronger, one of them being the Cenarion Expedition. Here is a TBC Classic Cenarion Expedition rep guide. 

The Cenarion Expedition is a small faction of explorers who were sent through the Dark Portal to explore Outland alongside Azeroth’s heroes. They can be primarily found in the zone of Zangarmarsh but they also have smaller camps in the Hellfire Peninsula, Terokkar Forest, and Blade’s Edge Mountains.

TBC Classic Cenarion Expedition Rep Guide

Players can gain reputations through various means, here’s what they are.

Reputation From Killing Mobs

Players can kill Naga throughout Zangarmash, as well in dungeons like The Underbog, Slave Pens, and The Steamvault. Killing Naga in all of these zones garners players rep. Once at Honored, Normal difficulty mobs in both the Slave Pens and The Underbog will no longer give reputation, with Hungarfen and giant mobs in The Underbog as the exception. 

Reputation From Turn-Ins

“Unidentified Plant Parts” drop from various mobs in Zargarmarsh, alternatively, herbalists can also pick them up from herbs in the same zone. Herbalists can also herb bog giants located in Zangarmarsh and Rotting Forest Rangers in Terokkar Forest.

The Unidentified Plant Parts can be turned in to Lauranna Thar’well for the “Plants of Zangarmarsh” quest which giving players 250 rep. Upon its first completion, the quest then becomes a repeatable quest: “Identify Plant Part”s - once again granting 250 rep per turn in.


The tried and true method of just question is also available. Players can find main quest hubs for the Cenarion Expedition in both Zangarmarsh and Blade’s Edge Mountains; the majority of the quests related to the faction can be found there. There’s also various Cenarion Expedition quests scattered through zones in Outland except for Nagrand and Shadowmoon Valley.

Questing can be used until Exalted.