Temtem Deluxe Edition: Cost and What Does it Include?

Courtesy of Crema

Temtem fans might be wondering how much it would cost to purchase the deluxe edition as well as what it includes. Players looking to buy the deluxe edition will be set back $64.98 not including local sales tax.

Recently receiving its official release out of Steam Early Access, Temtem is a popular multiplayer game that has a focus around collecting creatures known as Temtem. Similar to games like Pokémon and Digimon, Temtem are used to battle other trainers, but Temtem separates itself from other titles by featuring elements more commonly seen in MMO titles such as quests and open-world exploration. As with most multiplayer games recently released, players can purchase in-game cosmetics that upgrade the appearance of their character.

Temtem Deluxe Edition: Cost and What Does it Include?

Players looking to purchase Temtem's deluxe edition will have to pay $64.98 according to the Steam page. With the purchase of the deluxe edition, players will receive two cosmetic packs, Top Tamer and Stylish Suit, as well as the Teamcard Brag and Shut Up emotes. Players that have already purchased the base version of Temtem can upgrade to the deluxe edition by paying $19.99.

While the deluxe edition is by no means required to enjoy any part of Temtem, it's a cool way to customize your character while supporting the developers. If those specific cosmetics aren't appealing to you, players can purchase more through the in-game shop.