TFT Cluttered Mind Augment Guide

TFT Augments Set 6
TFT Augments Set 6 / Courtesy of Riot Games

Here's how to build your team in TFT with the Cluttered Mind augment.

Augments are effects that can completely change how your TFT game plays out, as Augments can impact team size, damage output, armor, healing, active traits, and dozens of other game systems. With over 50 total Augments available in TFT Set 7, keeping track of how to play with all of them can be confusing. Here's how to play with the Cluttered Mind augment in TFT.

With the Cluttered Mind augment, if the player's bench is full at the end of a round, they gain 4 experience points. That means if players have the Cluttered Mind Augment, they'll want to keep their Champion Bench full each round to help them get an edge on leveling up. Leveling up faster means being able to unlock more expensive Champions, and being able to place more Champions on the board than your opponents, making it an extremely beneficial advantage. The Augment also got a buff in Patch 12.13, making it even stronger than it was before.

TFT Cluttered Mind Augment Guide

As far as Traits go, the Astral Trait is by far the best trait to pair with the Cluttered Mind Augment. When the Astral Trait is active, players have a significantly increased chance of seeing Astral Champions in their shop every five Shops. This means players will be purchasing Champions incredibly frequently, meaning the bench has a high chance of being filled up anyway.

Pairing Astral with another Trait that synergizes well with it (such as Astral Bruiser, Astral Mystic, or Astral Mage), means the player not only has a strong team, but also is able to keep their bench full with useful Champions easily, allowing them to take full advantage of the Cluttered Mind Augment.